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As a former Master Certified and Board Certified Coach, with a successful career as a Corporate HR Executive (retired), I have experienced and understand both the benefits and challenges of today’s business world. Success in one area of our life does not automatically translate to success in other areas. To be the best leader, business man, husband, father, friend, etc., requires work and conscious decision making to align with our own values and what it is we want to create by our own daily behaviors. It requires a sense of balance, something that does not always come naturally.


My focus is on balance and relationships. Being one of the few coaches focusing on life balance issues for men, I enjoy helping executives develop critical skills and leadership behaviors needed to enhance their success – both at the office and at home. I do not believe in justifying our own words or behaviors based on something someone else has done or said. Believing in personal accountability, I hold my clients accountable for their own behaviors.
Limits are self-imposed.  Let’s work together to discover your self-limiting habits, attitudes and beliefs, and design a plan for you to create the life you know you truly desire.

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