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Lessons of the Night – My Special Time for Reflection, for Gratitude

So many of the blogs I read, and some that I have personally written, focus on numbers, studies completed, statistics, percentages, etc. They are informative, educational, and I enjoy them. I have also been told many times by the “marketing experts” that my writings need to include this type of data, as this adds credibility. While I acknowledge this, I also keep in mind that behind all the numbers, in the end, it is all about people, and people are more than numbers.

Well, sometimes I just want to express myself, and write for me. Sometimes I simple choose to put all the numbers aside and focus on feelings. So it is with this blog.

Part of maintaining life balance for me is making sure I take time to reflect, to think about my day, to stop and focus on the people and things in my life that I sincerely appreciate. It is my time for gratitude.

I’m thinking that for me, just as it may be for many others, this special time does not always spontaneously occur on its own.  At times I have to create these moments, or at least be aware of and capitalize on these times when they occur. I find this happens mostly for me in the evenings. 

It can begin with something as simple as a look in my wife’s direction. It is a look where everything else fades away and all I see is her. I think about how very special she is, how fortunate I am to be her husband. I think about so many things, how blessed I am, and as I stare in her direction I find myself falling in love all over again. When this happens I never pass up the opportunity to share it with her. I intentionally focus on these feelingsWhat we focus on expands!

There are times I walk out and sit alone on the porch.  I reflect on the beauty of nature that surrounds me.  Sometimes there is a clear sky and I stare the stars. Sometimes there is a full moon and I marvel at how the brightness of the moon lights up the yard, the trees, or even the pasture beside the house. Sometimes there is a slight breeze blowing through the trees (one of my favorites).  At other times there may be a strong wind. It may be raining softly, or there may be a thunderstorm. The bottom line, it does not matter. I marvel at the beauty regardless of the form it takes. I am grateful to be there and enjoy it. As I begin to focus on these feelings of gratitude, they naturally expand beyond the physical surroundings and I begin to think of and focus on all the things I so appreciate. I count my many blessings. 

Again, what we focus on expands.

Some people find peace through their practice of yoga, others through meditation, fishing, riding motorcycles, or in so many other ways.  How you look within and connect with gratitude and feelings of appreciation is not important. What is important is that you find the way that works for you, and you learn to take advantage of the gift of these moments. And they are gifts.

How do you connect with these inner feelings? It there a certain time of day when you find this easier? Do you find you experience this more in certain activities? What works for you?

I would be grateful indeed if you too would take a few moments to express your inner thoughts, your feelings. Don’t put it off, it only takes a moment.  Be brave, share. I would love to learn from you, I look forward to what you are willing to share, and I thank you in advance for your willingness to express it.

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